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Don’t Like It? Well Guess What!

The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least!

Just when things were starting to look settled and on course for being a chilled out year, fate decided to deal a great big “FUCK YOU” hand. I can’t go into too many specifics just yet, but suffice it to say it was a huge curve ball and a massive upset for my wife and I. Being forced to reflect on where we are in our life right now has been somewhat of a challenge, but I’m starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

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Mid-Life Crisis: Why I’m Taking a Year Off

Today is my 47th birthday.

I’m fast approaching a half a century of life on this planet.

Over the last few months I’ve been taking a long, often uncomfortable look at my life and where I am now. The constant scrutiny I’ve been applying to myself has started to pay dividends, for today everything has come into focus. For the first time in years I have realised the direction that I need to take. Becoming a house-husband and stay-at-home parent has massively altered my perceptions about what it is to be a man. I now understand what is truly important, what it is that makes my life worth living to its fullest.

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