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The Reclusive Potential

Despite my best efforts, I remain somewhat of a loner. Being this reclusive person, in my opinion, is not a bad thing; especially as it would seem that I have done it to myself!

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Post 0048

Kicking my minimalism journey into overdrive in 2017 is going to be a challenge!

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I’ve had a bit of a bumpy start to 2017. Already into February and I’m at least two or three grand behind where I would like to be with my finances.

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Annus Horribilis

Back in the early 90’s Queen Elizabeth II, to mark the 40th anniversary of her Accession as Queen of England and “the Commonwealth realms.” mentioned her “annus horribilis”.

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Being in a Financial Tailspin


There are a great many things that I’d still like to do with my life.

I love to write, even though I’m not great at it. I love to make photographs, even though I’m sort of “okay” at that. I like to walk and talk, drink beer, eat good food, drive fast cars, watch movies, play with my son and make love to my wife. Those things I am good at, some of them are free.


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