After years of turmoil and uncertainty, we are finally on the move!

When we first moved to Thanet in 2007, the area felt like an outpost to me. It was far enough away from my former life, both in terms of distance and lifestyle, that it felt like a world away; slowly, that has changed. House prices have risen sharply, jobs are still scarce, and an influx of “London money” has changed the area, and not in a good way.

Just over three years ago, we were forced into a less than ideal housing situation; and at that time we knew that we couldn’t sit still or we would become trapped. We hoped that we could have moved into something closer to our ideal home quite quickly, but circumstances put that out of our reach. We had been treading water for too long, then another change circumstances meant that I would be working more often, a side effect is that we had more income.

The stars aligned and we found ourselves in a position to look for a home. As our search began, I quickly found a house in a village near Canterbury, made some enquiries and arranged a viewing. As soon as we saw the place, we knew that we had to live there.

We contacted family members and asked for their help with making a move possible, they agreed, and so we started the process of trying to rent the new place. Things progressed quickly, and within days we were told that we could have the house; a week later, we had signed the contracts and received the keys.

And so begins the next chapter in our life, finally escaping from Thanet and moving into the Kent countryside. Once we’re settled in and unpacked, I’ll make more of an effort to write across all of my outlets*.

Until then, adieu.

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