Please don’t buy me a diary this Christmas!

Every winter, for the last several years, I have been given a new diary, or I have gone out and bought myself one.

The thing is, I don’t use them. I begin the year by filling in all of the essential things, like birthdays and anniversaries, and, with the best will in the world, declare my intentions to utilise the diary, thoroughly throughout the year.

Having spent some time looking back through my old diaries, something jumped out at me. I have never made it past March, in any of them! So, from now on, I am not going to bother. I have the Google Calendar app on my phone, and access to it from my PC. It does everything that I need from a diary. As long as I can access the internet, I can look at my calendar.

There are many other options out there, but for now, this one seems to do what I need it to do.

Then there is the monthly calendar that I print off at the end of December to hang on the wall in our kitchen. That is almost the paper backup for the digital version of the Google Calendar. Important dates and appointments are there for all to see. It is basic, but it does the job. I go online, find the free template and print it off on my laser printer.

So, I’m not going to buy a 2019 diary. It is a dumb idea!