I’m about to become a shadow of my former self, in more ways than one!

Christmas this year, has been excellent. I’ve enjoyed being with friends and family, overeating and giving all of my attention to those activities.

This afternoon, Spencer, Karta and I are off to the movies for the latest instalment of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, that too is going to be rad. Once we’re home and Karta is in bed, we will be sitting around chatting and maybe watching some TV before we all retire for the evening.

Between now and the end of the year, my focus will be on enjoying each day as it comes.

From midnight on January the 1st 2018, things will change dramatically. 2018 is a significant year for me. I turn 50, my son becomes a teenager, and I finally make the changes to my life that will give me peace until the day that I die.

My internet use is going to be curbed severely. This time I am only going to be posting to social media via this website and for work-related activity. I’m going to limit the time I spend sitting in front of a computer, surfing the internet or answering emails.

Once again, this blog will be my primary outlet here on the web. I’m also going to continue to post photos up on my Instagram account, but that really will be it. I’ll keep writing on the AVRC blog, but RSR, FGF, Rad Roads and all of the other blogs that I run will be closed and the work consolidated and republished here.

So, I’m going nonline.  You can contact me via the contact page on this blog, or by telephone and WhatsApp.

Reducing my internet use is just one part of the changes that I will be making to my life in the new year; the rest will be revealed next week.

Until then, have a great New Year.

With love, Z.