This a tale of failure &  renewed determination.

So last year I came up with a weight loss plan, that would be easy to follow and should have seen some fantastic losses in just under a year.

Well, that year has been and gone and, I’m afraid to say, I’m fatter than I was when I started that journey last May. So, what went wrong? Well, I guess the biggest hindrance to the whole process was me. My head has not been in the game, so to speak. As some of you will know, 2016 was my annus horribilis; it was a fucking disaster!

But, today is the 1st of July. Today, I feel motivated, and so today I will start again. Move and burn 500 calories, eat a meal that is no more than 500 calories and do that for 50 weeks. If I can be 50kg lighter by the end of June 2018, I will have achieved something that has eluded me since I lost that sort of weight back in 2003.

Don’t wish me luck, just send me good thoughts from time to time.

Until next time, adieu.