Removing myself from the world of social media feels a little bit like social suicide.

The nagging feeling that I’ve had for some time now is starting to become a reality. Let me explain, I’ve felt for a long time that, but for a handful of friends and family members, nobody is listening to me. If this is true, then I’m writing this blog purely as a personal journal, in much the same way you might write a diary.

I’ve taken the time to create a newsletter, I’ve added a few people to the list of recipients, people that I know will want to stay in touch. I’ll post thoughts, along with ideas for getting together and family news in the newsletter.

Recently I’ve been in communication with Plex in the USA about becoming a Plex Professional Installer. The Plex Pro program manager feels that my cinema technical background is perfect for the job that they would like me to do. I still have a few things to think about before I take the plunge, the main thing is ensuring that I have a very solid understanding of computer networking and how it applies to the various Plex set up scenarios I might encounter.

Once I’m confident in my ability to provide an efficient and reliable Plex installation service, I’ll go ahead and sign up. This idea has a bunch of potentials, both positive and negative, so I need to have all of the bases covered before I commit.

Movies I have watched this week

So far this week I’ve watched The Magnificent 7, Denial and The 24 Hour War. All good films and I can recommend any of them to you.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve changed the look and feel of my site a wee bit. This is an attempt to make it a little less fussy and easier to navigate, plus it supports the minimalist ethos I have been trying to obtain for some time now, I hope you like it?

That’s about all I have to say in this post. I hope that you will sign up and comment on what I write here. I’ve built it, so hopefully, they will come!

Until next time, adieu.