No resolutions, just direction.

So the mare that was 2016 is now behind me. Thank fuck for that!

It was a truly shit year, full of emotional and financial ups and downs. After years of being debt free, we found ourselves struggling with making ends meet. The house move was shit, putting pressure on Karta was crap and losing direction, was also shit.

But that is all behind us now. It’s a funny thing how something as man-made as a calendar can give you hope.

So no resolutions, I’m just going to do the three things that I spoke about last month. Compassion, Love and Kindness. Simple.

There are some exciting projects on the horizon; I’ve managed to get some regular work for few months, that will go a long way to clearing down our debts.

Karta will be finishing junior school this year; I’ve promised him the greatest summer of his life as a way to round off this first stage of his school life. We will be home educating him from September.

The world is our oyster; there will be bumps along the way, but I am more determined than ever to do right by my family and to be the best version of me that I can be.

Look out for daily posts; I aim to publish something each and every day.

Happy New Year to you all, whoever you are.

Until next time, adieu!