I’m going to keep this post reasonably short and to the point. The list of things that I will and won’t be doing during 2017 is as varied as it is long.

The top of the list is to reduce my spending, cutting back just about everywhere to do the next item on my list, reducing our debt. Having this debt hanging around my neck is tiring, I can feel it physically holding me back, it has to go!

The third thing on my list is to go without my smartphone for day to day telephone usage. I still have the Punkt phone leftover from the digital detox challenge that I took part in back in the summer, so that will be getting pressed into service very soon.

Next up is my freelance work. My small business is going to be operated using minimalist philosophies; striving all of the time to keep my rates fair and my overheads as low as possible. I won’t ever undersell myself again.

My fitness goals will be extended to include my mental wellbeing as well as my physical conditioning. My ongoing weight loss journey will continue, after all, I have some fabulous clothes stored in my attic just waiting to see the light of day again. Better to use those than to have to buy more because I’m getting bigger right?!

Social media will be limited to just a few minutes per day, maybe a bit more on the weekends.

Karta’s future will be a large part of our plans throughout the coming year, he’s the most precious thing in my life and deserves time spent gathering further experiences.

Family visits will increase.

Books need reading, so I’m going to try and read one per week when I can. My writing is getting better; I still have a lot to say so that those things will be written down and, possibly published.

Visits to friends will happen more often than they have this year.

TV will be limited to just two hours per day during the week. However, I reserve the right to catch up on my favourite shows via Plex. I love that shit!

Sleeping will be increased too. TV and tech will be going off at 10 PM during the week followed by a quick shower and into bed to read those books that I mentioned earlier.

Haircuts will be short.

Did I mention writing? I love to write. I’m getting better at it, so I think I’ll make a point of doing that every day.

So 2017, I welcome you with open arms and a finger on the off switch. 2016 can do one!

Until next time, adieu!