So here we are again, but this is the last weight loss plan I will ever do.

For quite a few months now I’ve been reading a shit load of books about the best way to lose weight, and to keep that weight off. For me this has become a question of mortality. I want to be around for as long as possible, so that I might one day have a chance to meet my great grand children.

I know we’ve been here before, but this time something feels different. I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t make some changes soon.

I’ll be 48 this year, the big five-oh is approaching at speed. I want to, and need to be at a healthy weight well before then. I have plans, big plans for my 50th year on this planet, much of which requires a certain level of fitness. As I’ve begun to make these plans I have realised that being a fat man on blood pressure medication is going to make a lot of what I have planned difficult.

So after a lot of research I think I’ve come up with the fastest and safest way for me to shed the excess kilos of gut straining fat. I call it the 50:50:500 challenge.

It’s really not rocket science. Basically I aim to lose 50 kilograms in weight in 50 weeks, making sure that I burn at least 500 calories per day through exercise. The diet part is really simple and follows the Every Other Day or EOD method. This method requires that I consume no more than one 500 calorie meal on a “fasting day” and eat whatever I want on a “feast day”, that’s it!

There is some evidence to suggest that my 500 calorie meal should contain a slightly higher content of fat than you would imagine. So I could have a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with cheese and still be on track!

I started this challenge yesterday on the first day of May. I’m on a fast day today, so I will only be eating one meal and drinking plenty of green tea and water. The hardest part will be the evening, that’s when I’m at my most vulnerable. I find it easy to pick, so instead I’ll go to bed earlier and read, avoiding the temptation of the kitchen all together. The good thing is that I know I can wake up tomorrow and eat a huge guilt-free breakfast and still be on track to lose weight.

My weigh in yesterday for the start of my challenge put me at 138.7 KG with 43.3% body fat. I will be weighing myself every morning and tracking the data using the Libra app on my phone. I’ll post a short weekly progress report here every Sunday.

So that’s it, I’m not doing another diet after this. I promise that I won’t be writing about my failure and yet another plan to shed the pounds. I will lose the weight and then keep it off through hard work and the prospect of  living to a ripe old age. Plus I really do want/need to get back into my motorcycle leathers, I have a cunning plan.

Until next time…… adieu!