I Feel Like a Zombie

It’s gone two in the morning, my latest toothache has got the better of me. The pain is incredible this time around. I’ve been popping Co-codamol, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol like it’s going out of fashion. I just want to sleep. I want the pain to go away. It’s getting to the point where I might have to call the out of hours dentist.

Why won’t the pain go away??? Brushing my teeth seems to be the only thing that gives me any respite.

2 Hours Later

My mind is a mess, ready to collapse through tiredness and yet kept awake by the feeling that my jaw is being ripped from my skull. I’ve probably overdosed myself on the cocktail of painkillers, I’ve had more than I should have, hoping in vain to find some respite from the agony. I’ve decided to sleep on the sofa, so as not to disturb the rest of my family from their slumber. Tomorrow is going to be hard, sleep deprivation mixed with incessant mouth pain; what could go wrong?

Night night.