Last month I tried to fast. I gave up food. The plan was to refrain from eating more than 500 calories per day for a period of 7 days.

I lasted just over 36 hours, before I had to throw in the towel and eat something a bit more substantial. The thing is, although I failed in this first attempt, I discovered that hunger comes in waves. Recognising the feeling of genuinely being hungry has been a huge help to me. In the past I think I have suffered from habitual hunger, that is, my head telling my stomach that food is due soon and to ignore the hungry feeling.

Now I am eating far less than I was this time last month. I’m down by almost a stone in weight so far this month (August), and I’m feeling up to trying a bit more of a sensible fast. I’m reading a really good book on the subject called The Eat Fast Slim Diet by Amanda Hamilton, in it she outlines some really easy strategies for implementing a successful fast. So I’m working on the 19-5 principle. 19 Hours without food, followed by a 5 hour feeding window in each 24 hour period. My feeding window is from 1700 to 2200.

The idea is not to stuff yourself silly during those five hours, instead eat a healthy and balanced meal, big enough to satisfy your hunger. Mine is usually a low-carb/high-protein meal, washed down with plenty of filtered water. During the 19 hours of fasting I only consume water and herbal/green teas.

It seems to be working out for me. I’m not very hungry at all during the 19 hours and don’t go made when it’s feeding time. I have plenty of energy, although I am being careful not to over exert myself initially. I’ve got my annual medical at the quack on Tuesday, so I’ll be finding out what they’ve got to say about my cholesterol levels, blood pressure and overall general health. I don’t think they’re going to be happy that I’ve been altering my medication doses, but hey ho?

Anyhoo, I’ll be back to regular health updates once Karta is back at school, I will post quick updates on the fasting as and when I remember to do so. Until then, Peace!