Fast as Fuck – Adventures in a world without food!

So I read a really interesting article by Jeanette Winterson the other day, and it helped me to make a decision about something that I’ve been wanting to try for some time now.

I had the 5:2 Diet book by Michael Mosley and read it with interest. In the dim and distant past I had dieted by following the Atkins nutritional approach and lost a ton of weight. The process that causes the weight-loss in that diet are very similar to that of fasting, so the Guardian piece really got me thinking about doing something different. So as of today I am fasting for a seven day period. This is my initial fast and I may extend it to ten days if I’m feeling good this time next week. I’ll keep a daily diary of how I’m feeling throughout the experiment, and write about it in a blog post next week.

Until then, wish me luck….. I’m going to need it!