Opinionated people are people who announce their opinions multiple times without being asked.

Sure, sometimes opinions can just be slipped out, but if it becomes a habit then it’s a problem.

These people are not bad, but they just earn the reputation of “annoying”. In life, we might come across a few opinionated people. Please follow the instructions in this article to learn on how to deal with opinionated people.

  1. Understand what qualifies for “opinionated”. People who are opinionated usually have little or no respect/value for the beliefs of others, however, this varies. Also, opinionated people have an opinion on every single thing. They will announce their opinion in public, and get irritated or mad when someone else respectfully criticizes their opinion. Opinionated people will often assume that you care or are interested in hearing their opinion, and even if they know you aren’t, they still will announce it anyway.
  2. Look at the templates below, as these will help you recognise more on the definition for opinionated. Notice how the second template is much more respectful then the first one.

Bad Opinionated: I like pizza, but people who don’t like it are stupid.

Non Opinionated: I like pizza, but if you don’t, then that’s fine too.

3. Show the person that you really don’t care. Listen to their view of things and respect it, but don’t think you are required to believe the same thing. You cannot “modify” the person’s behaviour or opinions.

4. Speak up! This is vitally important. If the opinionated person says something that is offensive or disrespectful to what you believe, don’t let it go. Tell the opinionated person respectfully that your opinions are just as valuable as theirs. If they get “mad” about what you said, then it’s their problem to overcome. They shouldn’t be offended if you’re just standing up for yourself.

5. Try to avoid the opinionated person. This doesn’t mean you can’t spend any time with them at all, but keep your distance. You can still attend family gatherings or events that they attend, and you can still spend quality time with them, but just remember, keep your distance. If the person is a Twunt however, you just need to avoid them at all costs!

** TWUNT n. Useful, satisfying yet inoffensive combination of two very rude words which can safely be spoken in primmest and properest company. Twat and C**t. You all know one!