So here we are, 2015.

Now in my 47th year, I’ve decided that this is the time for me to make some massive changes in my life. The thing is I’m struggling to implement them. It’s not like I’m trying to change the world, I just need to eat less and move more, buy less and experience more.

I’ve also started on a journey into minimalism. I intend to shrug off years of clutter and accumulated stuff so that I can breathe again. I’m going to keep a few precious things as heirlooms, items to pass down to my son as we grow older. Other than that it’s time to peel away the detritus that life has put into my possession, and “just let go”.

It’s hard, I might be trying too hard just now, so I’ll take my foot off of the gas and try to make a different approach to the start of my journey. Maybe I need to take it one day at a time?

So in summary, just for today, I need to improve my fitness, lose some weight and de-clutter my life. I am going to become the Minimal Zoid, one day at a time.