What the fuck is Cult of Zoid anyway?

I needed a place to write, a place to wring out my brain and let out all the mad shit that’s in my head. It was created as a way for me to produce a series of memoirs and stories, recollecting my life so far. I’m probably going to write here every day; I’ve got a lot of stuff to say about a lot of things, cars, bikes, people, family and life in general.

Zoid is a nickname handed to me by a BMX magazine back in the 80’s. In fact, it’s a bit of a fuck up, a friend of mine used to call me the “Funky Fatoid”, a reference to my weight and the fact that I was always goofing around. The top BMX magazine at the time had dispatched a reporter and a photographer to my hometown of Crawley in West Sussex, to find out about a crew of crazy teenagers riding crappy ramps and causing mayhem wherever they went. By misinterpreting what my friend was calling me, the magazine came up with the name “Fat Zoid”. This became shortened and ended up as Zoid, and the legend was born!
My life has been a mad roller coaster ride. I’m the product of a “broken home”, the son of a single mum dragged up by my grandparents with a sister in tow. I never really knew my dad, I don’t even know if he’s alive anymore. My mum now lives in sheltered accommodation. Following years of alcohol addiction, she recently managed to pickle her brain and now suffers from Alcohol-Induced Dementia. She’ll have to be looked after for the rest of her life!

My life is complicated, but I’m happy. I have a beautiful wife and a handsome son, and they make me feel loved and worthwhile.

I now live a quiet life close to the ocean.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.